10 Ideas For Fun Dates On A Budget

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If you think fun dates need to be expensive, think again!

Despite today’s economy with its pressure on couples to reduce their debt and increase their saving, dating does not have to be put to one side.

Here are ten ideas to have fun while dating and still have money in the bank.

1. Picnic

picnic basket on a mat

Pull out your picnic basket and pack some of your favourite snacks and head off to a quiet spot. Whether you are hiking the nearby hills and dales, walking to a local park or driving to a secluded beach, you won’t regret this fun, inexpensive date.

2. Mini Golf

Mini Golf is relatively inexpensive yet can provide you with an afternoon of fun. Double date with another couple and the fun only increases!

3. Dessert

Go out for dessert and a glass of wine instead of a three-course meal and you can have some late-night sweet treats at a fraction of the cost of a full dinner date.

4. Sunset

There is nothing more romantic than a sunset. Watch the sunset or the sunrise at a beautiful location while cuddled in each other’s arms.

5. Cook for each other

a couple cooking

Take turns hosting each other and you will both benefit from being spoiled and spoiling your partner.

6. Be a Tourist for the Day

Take advantage of what a nearby city has to offer and be a tourist for the day. You could even think about renting a scooter, bike, pedal boat or whatever else is available and tour the city, from a different point of view.

7. Stay In

Rent a movie, get a bottle of wine, dim the lights and snuggle close as you enjoy each other’s company. If you pick a scary movie to watch it may well increase those cuddles.

Or could you spend some time crafting, even doing some doodling together might make for an interesting night.

8. Know your local community

Investigate the events and festivals that are hosted in your local area. Many cities offer free entertainment in the summer and low-cost entrance fees to festivals.

9. Spend the afternoon at an art gallery or a museum.

Many of these facilities are free or accessible with a small donation yet most people don’t take advantage of them. A museum is a great place to learn and to get the conversation flowing.

10. Sleep under the stars

the night sky

If the weather allows why not plan a little rendezvous in the backyard, and layout blankets, sip hot chocolate and look at the stars.

These ideas should give you some inspiration to spend some fun inexpensive time with your loved one.

Please remember, that dating does not stop when you get married, have children or retire.

Dating is an important and healthy part of a long loving relationship.

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