8 Things You Can Sell to Make Money Quickly

8 Things You Can Sell to Make Money Quickly

Life as an adult is something that kids look forward to. However, what kids do not see is the difficulty of juggling schedules with everyday activities and paying bills. Adulting can be hard, especially when you have obligations and money is tight. If you have found yourself in a tight situation, financially, here are eight things you can sell to make money quickly.

8 Things You Can Sell to Make Money Quickly

Pile of Clothing


Everyone has a favourite outfit or two that gets worn frequently, leaving the rest of your clothes hanging in the closet. Instead of letting your close take up space in your closet or dresser drawers pack them up and head out to a local cash4clothes and trade them in for some cash, or if you have more time sell them item by item on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Preloved and other apps.


If you are like most people chances are that you have a spare television or computer located in your home. Often times people hang on to these electronics after replacing them, just to have as a backup. But if they are sitting around rarely, or never getting used, why not free up space, and sell them to make some extra pennies?

XBox Controller

Video Games

Are you a gamer? If so, you know that after playing some of your games over and over again, they become old news and no longer, or very rarely get played. New games come out and the older ones often become boring. Sell those games that are no longer on your top played list. The perfect way to make money quickly if you can sell to the right crowd.

Handbags and Purses

Handbags and purses are one of those items that get stored in the wardrobe after you purchase new ones. Rarely will they get pulled out, and used again. If that is the case for you gather your old ones up and sell them to make some quick cash.

Chairs and Table


Spare rooms generally have spare furniture that does not get used often. This is the perfect place to begin searching for things to sell because most of the items in the room get little to no use. Sell that spare dresser, chair or even bed from your spare room. Not only will this make money quickly for you but now you have less clutter!


There are all sorts of collectables out there. Consider selling your collection, either entirely, or partially if you are tight on cash.



Do you have a bookshelf of novels that have been read once, and are now just collecting dust? Put them up for sale. Chances are that if you decide you want to read them again, you can likely find them at your local library!

Kitchen Appliances

You know that toaster that is sitting on the corner of your kitchen counter or the waffle maker that is just hanging out in your cupboard, just waiting for that one time of year that you pull it out? Sell them! If you are not using them, you will be better off earning some cash for your items.

As kids, we cannot wait to become adults. Adults are cool. They can do basically what they want, whenever they want, and they can even eat as much junk food as they want. However, it isn’t all easy, when it comes to making ends meet and just sometimes you need to look into how you can make money quickly.

What is your top tip for making some extra pennies, when money is tight?


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8 Things You Can Sell to Make Money Quickly

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    1. Wait for the £1 fee only days. I find them, like Amazon selling, very greedy and geared towards the big guys. i can’t afford free shipping as if you offer free it gets confusing and messy if your buyer returns the item as you can’t return free shipping but would be expected to pay for it to be returned. I did speak to someone at ebay but still find it confusing! It was so much simpler in the early days, although there were more people who sold shoddy stuff, they have stamped out that, but geared it towards businesses. I don’t want to be treated like a business, I just want to sell a few things from home now and again which are genuinely new, but they overload you with stats and how well you’re doing, bit like school! Good luck if you try, I find I have to undercut big buyers else I don’t make a sale. Hope this helps.

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