Save Money with These Great Apps

Save Money with These Great Apps

Happy Monday all! I thought I would kick off the show by share a few apps I have been using to save with this year.

Which will hopefully, in turn, help you save a little as well.


This is one of the first apps I started with this year and while I don’t have it set to the max collection I have saved nearly £400 over the cause of the year.

Chip is pretty easy to set up, just download the app via iOS or Andriod and link it up to your bank account. It will then once per week decide how much you can spare and filter it out of your bank account into a specially held saving account.

You can even earn interest with Chip, the base rate is 1%. However, you can earn up to 5% by referring your friends.

Access to your money is quite simple, although I would say give 24 hours for it to arrive on a working day and from Friday – Monday at the weekend. To access your money you just need to tell the app you wish to withdraw.

If you would like to sign up yourself you can check out their website here. My referral code is NC5CYU if you fancy using it too!


We all have to shop and Shopmium is a great app to help you get cashback on items you could already have on your shopping list.

As well as sometimes offering you the chance to try something new for free!

At the moment the app has offered such as free Walkers Poppables from the Co-Op, £1 off of Lynx Unity and Youngs Chip Shop Cod or Haddock Fillets to name just a few.

Payment is made via PayPal or Bank Account and is paid to you each time you upload a claim! So no waiting for a minimum cashout amount!

The app is downloadable on both iOS and Andriod and if you pop in my referral code you could claim yourself some free Nutella! Check out more about the app here. My referral code is xa2fu.

Save Money with These Great Apps


Cleo is another money saving app – this time is runs via Facebook Messenger. So no need to download anything new.

The difference with Cleo is it is mainly made to keep track of your incomings and outgoings. You can ask it questions like, do I have enough money to buy a takeaway tonight and using it’s learnt behaviours it will tell you if you do.

You can also set the app up to save for you. In fact, if you decide to do this you can earn a free £2.50 by just referring your friends.

For me, I like using this alongside Chip as it helps we understand how I am spending money better. As well as look for ways to save.

If you would like to try Cleo for yourself, you can find out more on their website.

Receipt Hog

I really must get into the swing of using this app again as it is so simple to do! All it wants is a picture of your receipts and in return, you get between 5 and 20 coins. (Top tip upload quicker to get more coins).

You can then swap coins for vouchers! 500 coins will get you £5, or you can save up and swap 12000 for £50!

For me, I see this app as a great way to save towards Christmas.

Fancy giving Receipt Hog a whirl then check out more on their website.

So there you have a few apps that can help you on the path to saving, do you know of any apps I’ve missed?

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Save Money with These Great Apps

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