5 Ways to Be Mindful With Your Money

Sometimes it can be easy to let your money run away from you.

It is almost like it runs through your fingers.

However, there are many ways you can be mindful about what you spend.

So I thought I would bring together some which might have you thinking outside of the box a little.

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Buy Second Hand

Can you get what you need to buy second hand?

Then it is worth thinking about buying it this way.

Often stores sell things as “refurbished” and this covers a huge range of situations.

Did you know that sometimes the items have never even left the store? Or perhaps were sold and then returned unused? Even box damage means that an item cannot be sold as new.

While other times it can mean that they have been returned and checked by a professional, with parts exchanged.

Stores like CEX, Game, Charity and Pawn Stores all make it easy to find things second hand or refurbished and if you are buying electrical items they can often come with a warranty!

Cancel Subscriptions You No Longer Use

Hands up if I sign up to something I can just leave it running and forget about it.

Recently I found almost £80 unspent in an account, as I had forgotten I had a running subscription and to be honest there is still nothing I want.

So much wasted money, just runs away on subscriptions we have signed up to but never used.

So try and spend some time checking through and seeing what you have and cancelling what you don’t use.

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Stay Away From The Stores

You are more likely to spend money if you go out shopping.

Yes, we all need to visit stores from time to time, so try not to browse and stick to buying what you need.

Otherwise, you are going to end up with extras slipping into your basket.

If you can, perhaps buying online can help keep costs down as well.

After all, it’s easier to not browse when the stores bright and colourful displays aren’t right in front of you.

Quit or Cut Down

We all have a vice we could look to quit or cut down on.

For me it is chocolate. I find if it’s the house I’ll eat it. If it’s not I’m not bothered.

So I try and not buy it so much to help cut down both on temptation and to offer just a bit of a saving.

Friends at Dinner Party

Stay In

Much like one of the previous tips. This is all about saving by not being tempted.

You can throw great parties at home, budgeting for everything before the night.

Meaning you won’t wake up the next morning wondering just how did you spend so much?!

What do you think of these tips, do you hand any tips for being more mindful with money?



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