5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

Christmas, it’s a time of year I love to hate.

I find it hard on my mental health and the whole busy right up until the big day and then nothing. Always leaves me in a strange place.

However, one thing that can really take its toll over the festive season is money.

Afterall no matter how you approach Christmas, it is expensive. Presents for everyone, plus Christmas dinner, it all mounts up.

So today I’ve come up with 5 ways to save money this Christmas.

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Set Up a Friendly or Friends Secret Santa

Christmas isn’t all about what you get. It’s about celebrating with loved ones and showing you care.

So why not decide to set up a secret Santa with your friends or family. This way you are all buying one gift each, for up to a preset budgeted amount.

Saving you money, yet still offering everyone something to open come Christmas day.

Price Check

One of the things you have to do over Christmas period is price check.

Just because something is on BOGOF doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the best deal you can get.

So spend some time searching the internet to make sure you are buying at the best price possible, yes it might take up some time BUT you will be glad when you have those extra pennies in your pocket.

Use Vouchers

Companies want you to spend with them at Christmas.

So often to draw you in they will offer great discounts and vouchers.

Keep an eye out for them online, in leaflets and in emails. Keep any you may use, but of course always check if you can still find it cheaper elsewhere.

Write a List and Check it Twice

OK so you might not be Santa, but writing a list is a great idea!

It is so easy to get caught up in the Christmas hub-bub that you can easily forget what you originally wanted.

So make a list, check it as you go and come away with only the things you need and not 4 presents for one person as they seemed awesome on the shelf.

LAdy with a parcel

Post Early

We all have family and friends who not only live across the country but across the world.

Making sure you get your postal items in early can really make a difference. Especially if you are looking at sending surface vias air overseas.

So mark notes on your calendar about last postal dates for each person and stick to them.

There you have 5 ideas to help you save a little money this Christmas, however, what about you; what is your top Christmas money saving tip?




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5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

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  1. Christmas surely is meant to be a time to care, share, reciprocate, etc.

    Not meant to be about Material things, Showing Off wealth (power, control, hierarchical position,etc), Networking, Brown – nosing, Greed ( wanting, expecting, asking / requesting gifts, lack of reciprocation, lack of respect).

    Kindness needs to be Appreciated. Not taken for granted, nor belittled (by behaving disrespectfully towards the kind person, whether to that person or behind that person’s back).

    Morals Matter.

    Youngsters seem to seek monetary gifts. Yet previous generations were thankful for whatever they received, and respectful in allowing the giver to choose gift /s.

    Wondering how future generations will be.

  2. I subscribe to Park Christmas Savings and find that the vouchers and gift cards help a lot with Christmas shopping. I pay by direct debit through out the year and it takes the ache out of Christmas spending.

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